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FELICITAS HOPPE - Room and Cosmos: Self-Portrait of a Traveling Writer

Felicitas Hoppe's literary work includes short stories, novels, children's books and essays. In addition to her literary writing, she regularly contributes to newspapers, magazines and radio. Hoppe travels, writes and teaches around the world and addresses this in many of her works, such as Pigafetta (1999), Verbrecher und Versager (2004) and Prawda. An American Journey (2018). Her work has been awarded the Brothers Grimm Prize, the Pied Piper Literature Prize in her home town of Hameln, the Grand Prize of the German Literature Fund and the Georg Büchner Prize, among others. In spring 2024, Hoppe was honored with the Berlin Literature Prize of the Stiftung Preußische Seehandlung and an associated guest professorship at the Freie Universität zu Berlin. At the invitation of Dartmouth College, Hoppe will read from her award-winning texts and tell the story of how a couch potato became a world traveler and a dreamer became an adventurer. (Reading and talk in German)

Location: IBZ club

Jul 30, 2024 | 06:00 PM

PETRO RYCHLO - The reception of Kafka in German-language poetry from Bukovina

All over the world the year 2024 is considered a Franz Kafka Year - the 100th anniversary of the death of the most important representative of European literary modernism. The work of German-Jewish poets from Bukovina forms an interesting chapter in the early reception of Kafka. Using the example of the Kafka reflections of the Chernivtsi poets Rose Ausländer, Alfred Kittner, Paul Celan and Alfred Gong, the lecture by Ukrainian literature professor Petro Rychlo on August 15 offers a fascinating cross-section of the poetic appropriation of Kafka's work on the distant fringes of the German-speaking world. (Lecture + discussion in German)

Location: IBZ club

Aug 15, 2024 | 07:30 PM

ACHIM AMME - Der Amme. Poet

Achim Amme, who studied theater studies, philosophy and German studies and is known for his work as a freelance author (including for the SZ) and as an actor in television productions such as Tatort, Bella Block and Großstadtrevier, presents unpublished material from four decades of the last century in his book “Der Amme. Poet". What has endured, what can be dusted off, what can be safely thrown in the garbage can? When opening an old computer, it was possible to determine to the day exactly when the poems were written. So why not assign a diary entry to each poem and place four decades of poetry production in a personal and historical context? This “... turns reading into a journey through time, you can feel the respective operating temperature of the Federal Republic in the last decades of the 20th century: Political. Funny. Good." writes Petra Haase in the newspaper Lübecker Nachrichten. Between the texts, the author also includes his own songs and chansons. (Performance in German)

Location: IBZ club

Aug 22, 2024 | 07:30 PM


With our last club concert for this year, we are once again presenting a musical highlight to round off the summer: Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow from Australia already enthralled us last year and we are delighted that they are stopping by again on their tour this year. Hailing from Melbourne, Tim is a renegade everyman and an utterly unique musician who doesn't fit into any box. He is a true virtuoso on the acoustic guitar and combines stylistic elements of folk, jazz, classical, blues and a healthy dash of progressive rock in his music. For 5 years he has been performing as a duo with his partner Rachel, a classically trained violinist, who contributes beguiling melodies and delicate pizzicati, and whose voice complements Tim's vocals to create enchanting harmonies. With their lively, virtuoso performances, which are always spiced up with a good pinch of humor, the two have gained a large fan base in Germany. Don't miss out on this special treat!

Location: IBZ club

Aug 29, 2024 | 06:00 PM

SASKYA JAIN + CHRISTOPHER KLOEBLE - Telling India's history through stories

Writing duo Saskya Jain and Christopher Kloeble take us to India and talk about how they tell the country's multilingual, multicultural and multi-religious history through stories. In “Geeta Rahman at Championship Point” (2021) by Saskya Jain, a young half-orphan mourns the loss of her mother as she rises to badminton stardom in the turbulent political climate of India in the early 1990s. Christopher Kloeble's “The Museum of the World” (2021; English 2022) is set in the mid-19th century and tells the story of a teenage orphan who leaves colonial Bombay to translate for the German (Bavarian) explorers Hermann, Adolph and Robert Schlagintweit - but above all to achieve a new consciousness. The discussion (in English) following the reading will focus on the advantages of young protagonists and the challenges of narrating colonial pasts across borders and, of course, respond to questions from the audience. The event is being organized in cooperation with Dartmouth College. 

Location: IBZ club

Jul 15, 2024 | 06:00 PM


Virginia Yep began her guitar studies at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Lima, Peru, at the age of eight. After winning several awards and passing her final exams, she first moved to Spain and later to Berlin, where she completed her doctorate at the Free University. Performances have taken her to South and Central America, Europe, Morocco, Turkey and China. In addition to her concert and research activities, she composes her own pieces, which she will perform for us this evening with her usual virtuosity.

Location: IBZ Club

Jun 27, 2024 | 06:00 PM


On Friday, June 21, the IBZ will once again be part of the Berlin, Germany and Europe-wide FÊTE DE LA MUSIQUE. From 16:00 we invite you to a cheerful open-air concert in front of the IBZ main entrance. At the same time, we are celebrating our big IBZ summer party. Program: 16:00 Tango Element Project (Latin) 17:30 Couple O'Strings (Folk) 19:00 Stand-ARTS (Jazz, Swing) + Children's program: Soap bubble show with Pit & Pat Catering: Fischtaxi

Location: IBZ Main Entrance

Jun 21, 2024 | 04:00 PM


After rocking the hall as a quartet last year, Real_BacK4 return to heat us up in the club as a trio. Marek Koch (vocals), Jaakko Johannsen (piano) and Thommi Vock (double bass) came together on stage in 2020 - where else? Their love belongs mainly to jazz and swing standards, but their repertoire also includes lesser-known pieces alongside the well-known classics.

Location: IBZ Club

Jun 13, 2024 | 06:00 PM


The music of Argentinian composer and arranger Damián DAlessandro is inspired by Latin American folklore and combines new ideas and influences from other genres such as classical music, progressive rock and jazz. On guitar and bandoneon, together with his EtnoEnsamble, consisting of Laico Ruiz Dominguez (guitars), Estela Garcia (violin) and Lea Hart (electric bass), he brings his compositions to the stage with a great deal of temperament and joie de vivre.

Location: IBZ Club

Jun 06, 2024 | 06:00 PM


Modern science isn’t just about creating knowledge. Scientists also need to be effective communicators to share their knowledge with different audiences. In this project presentation, students from Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering will model several approaches to scientific storytelling. Using data and their own research findings on the air quality in several German cities, they will show how to frame, explain, and share scientific knowledge with different interlocutors, from average citizens to policy makers. Admission free

Location: IBZ Saal

May 31, 2024 | 07:00 PM


The Sakura vocal ensemble invites you to its traditional spring concert. The German-Japanese choir has been rehearsing at the IBZ for years and its performances are an integral part of the IBZ program. Under the musical direction of Azusa Nakaoka, the ensemble performs German and Japanese folk and art songs as well as pieces on the koto, a 13-stringed arched-board zither used in Japanese court music. Don't miss this extraordinary listening experience! Admission free

Location: IBZ Saal

May 30, 2024 | 07:30 PM - 11:59 PM


Namoli Brennet's style embodies modern American songwriting, which is characterized by folk, jazz and rhythm & blues. Her 11th album “Ditch Lilies” was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award in Germany. If 3 years ago it was still a question of - Namoli who? - she is now an established musical figure in Europe. She has performed at the United Nations in Geneva, the Venner Folkfrühling and L-Beach 2019 alongside MIA and Prada Meinhoff, among others. The US Billboard magazine praised Brennet's song “Thorn in Your Side” in an article as outstanding. Her music was featured in the Emmy award-winning film documentary “Out in the Silence”, which documents the struggle of a teenager in rural Pennsylvania. On this tour she will be accompanied by Potsdam-based artist Amy Protscher on bass. Admission free

Location: IBZ Saal

May 23, 2024 | 07:30 PM - 11:59 PM


Chris Hyde is not only a magician but also a musician and will tell you how he discovered his love for music and the art of magic. Experience true miracles right before your eyes. What is a magic wand? Can you make objects move? Is it possible to transform water? Is cooking together with a magician a challenge? In his very personal way, Chris Hyde shows you his way of performing magic, paired with stories that will leave you amazed. Together with his audience, Chris Hyde creates wonders from the world of magic. He presents his magic show in an elegant, sophisticated and respectful manner. Admission free Attention - seats limited! Registration required (info@ibz-berlin.de)

Location: IBZ Club

May 16, 2024 | 07:30 PM