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The Steidle Bau

The Steidle Bau

The five buildings of the International Science Meeting Center are embedded in a row of typical Berlin apartment buildings. On closer inspection, however, the fine details and treasures catch the eye - and this beneficial mixture of architectural quotes and idiosyncratic new creations create a unique harmony and atmosphere.

The architect Otto Steidle developed the IBZ building, which was built between 1979 and 1983, from its surroundings: the Rüdesheimer Platz and the Rheinisches Viertel. Because no two apartments are the same, the open and transparent rooms and fully furnished 78 apartments offer scientists and their families a high degree of individuality, comfort, opportunities for retreat and meeting places.






The small apartments and flats are in the front part of the house on Ahrweiler Straße. There are three communal kitchens assigned to them, which can be used by the residents if necessary and are primarily meant as meeting place for the people who live alone. The IBZ Berlin has a fitness, billiards and table tennis room, a club, a library and a laundry café.

The diagonal stairway in the courtyard leading to the garden is striking. The stairway has a central function for the residents: it connects all sections of the house with one another and, with its arcades, forms a public space in which all residents can meet, chat and make friends. The trellis by Berlin artist Erich Wiesner is also artistically outstanding. He also designed the pleasant color scheme of the house, which blends harmoniously into its surroundings and is still unmistakably different.

Peter Latz developed the horticultural concept of the IBZ Berlin. The front gardens refer to the historical structure on Rüdesheimer Platz. The garden creates the perfect mixture by alternating raised beds, areas for shade plants, art and lawns as well as lower trees and plants.

The architecture of IBZ Berlin and its Otto Steidle building at Rüdesheimer Platz