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The club room on the ground floor is also available to our guests. Seminars, readings and small concerts are often held here, but depending on the seating, the room can also be used for private parties and meetings, for cooking or making music together and even as a small cinema. The club room has its own piano, is equipped with a powerful projector and can be quickly darkened for film screenings. Many IBZ parties have their focus here.

After a hard day at the desk, the small fitness room on the third floor offers space for relaxation and exercise. If you want to spend some sport and relax after a hard day, you will find the right thing here. We have set up a room in the basement for a game of table tennis. In summer the table tennis match can be relocated outside without any effort.

The billiards room is also popular with our guests: our guests like to meet here at the weekend for a casual evening with a good glass of wine