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Events at the IBZ

Events at the IBZ

Concerts, lectures, readings, exhibitions, films and discussions on current culture, politics and science

The meeting and cultural program at IBZ is a central concern of the sponsoring association. The task of IBZ e.V. is to encourage and support the exchange of ideas between international scientists and artists and their German colleagues. Concerts, lectures and exciting panel discussions with scientists and guests from all over the world are therefore regularly held at the IBZ.

The event management is in the hands of Florian Hessler. He organizes and supervises the events and puts together the annual program in cooperation with the residents and event partners. If you would like to organize an exhibition at IBZ, play a concert or give a lecture on your scientific work, we look forward to hearing from you. Please write to florian.hessler@ibz-berlin.de

And if you’re just interested in visiting our events make sure you stop by. We look forward to seeing you!